Resource Dungeons Guide Series!

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Posted by Salmoneus

A new series of guides on the various Resource Dungeons in RuneScape is now available!

Hi ya'll!

Happy 2013 to all of you!

Today we're releasing the first five guides of a series on the various Resource Dungeons in RuneScape! With a very big thank you to Minerex, we have guides on the free-to-play resource dungeons in the game, including: Daemonheim Peninsula, Dwarven Mines, Edgeville Dungeon, Karamja Volcano, and the Mining Guild! Inside you'll find information about where these dungeons are, what's inside, requirements to enter them and more!

We plan to release more of these guides in the near future, but we can certainly use your help! We are always in need of guide writers to write new content for our website, so if you're interested in writing for us, please visit our forums, create a free account and check out our submissions area for details on getting started!

Happy 'Scaping,