God Wars, Guthixian Caches, and the Newsletter

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Posted by Sobend


Hello all, I hope you all had a good Halloween and did more than grind away during Bonus XP weekend.

We have new guides. First, we restored our 2008 era God Wars Dungeon guide and updated it for Old School RuneScape. Check out the 2007 God Wars Dungeon guide for tips on tackling the four generals.

Speaking of God Wars, we now have a Zamorak Solo guide thanks to Renegaderp and M a ss a. Make sure you read it the next time you face K'ril Tsutsaroth!

Also, we have a guide on the Guthixian Caches Distraction and Diversion, which will help speed up the training of the Divination skill.

Finally, the November newsletter is out! Read up on RuneFest, the Jagex Clan Cup, and a few other things.