Fight Kiln Guide

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Posted by Sobend

We now have a guide on the Fight Kiln. This difficult minigame rewards you with the TokHaar capes, a few of the best capes in the game. For this guide we'd like to thank Renegaderp, who was kind enough to write it before his extremely evil parents banned him from Runescape.

Our poll "Who is your favorite Mahjarrat" is over. Azzanadra won with 26% of the vote. For some reason not a soul voted for Zemouregal! Poor Zemouregal! We now have a new poll about how much you use the fast quest walkthroughs we provide. Your answers could decide whether or not we create more fast quest walkthroughs (Decision 2015!!).

We have also made numerous small updates to pages including Ghosts Ahoy, Heart of Stone, and the January Newsletter.

For all of those feeling the winter chill: stay warm! To all of those feeling the summer breeze: [blocked by censor]. Have a good rest of your day!