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June 2007 Archives

Varrock Museum & RS Forum Guides

Posted on June 26, 2007 01:40 AM UTC by Salmoneus

We have two new guides to add to the site today. A guide on the Varrock Museum Mini-Quest has been uploaded, with lots of helpful information on completing the new mini-quest which was added to RuneScape earlier this month. A very big thanks goes to Damaged500 for writing this guide! We also have a guide on the Official RuneScape Forums which explains about the different functions of the RuneScape Forums, punishments, staff, and more. A big thanks goes to Rzk2 for his work on this guide!


New Guides

Posted on June 22, 2007 12:00 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A few new guides have been added to the site today. A Harmony city guide is now available, and contains all sorts of useful information on the island. Many thanks to Mrcsupertrain for writing this excellent guide. We also have a guide on the new Impetuous Impulses Mini-Game, with everything you need to know to play it! A big thanks to Mole Leader for his work on this guide! The Pollnivneach city guide has been rewritten and contains lots of new and detailed information which the old guide was lacking. Thanks to Johnny for writing this great guide! The Prayer Guild has been completely rewritten as well to better show and describe the guild and its grounds. Many thanks to Pig for his work on this great guide! And lastly, the Entrana city guide has been completely rewritten as well to include more details and updated information on the city. Thanks to Johnny for writing this guide! And thanks to everyone who contributed to these guides as well!


Grim Tales

Posted on June 06, 2007 01:55 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A guide on the new Grim Tales Quest is now available, complete with lots of detailed information, helpful pictures, and of course, a Fast Quest section for those of you who prefer the main steps to the quest over the detailed version. Each step is also linked to the detailed section in the guide this time, so if you need help on a specific step you don't need to go hunting through the guide to find what you need. A very big thanks to Neo Avatars for his hard work on this guide, and to everyone who helped with it!


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