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August 2003 Archives

Screenshots Update

Posted on August 27, 2003 01:32 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Hey, I finally updated this site with a couple things. Firstly, I wanted someone to go ahead and stop the presses since I finally got to 79 mining, and probably in a few days, lvl 80. I also updated the screenshot page and got rid of the old webs album page. The reason is because most of the pictures that I take are much larger than the allotted space the allow you to use. If the pic is too big, it gets all distorted and if it's too small you can see a white background. SO now we have a screenshots page. I've also updated my stat page and fixed the type-o that said I have 53 firemaking. The reason for this lack of updates is because I am working on a project for this site, and if it all works out, it'll be 10 times better.... well let's just see what happens...


Anti-Hacking, Scamming, Cheating and Other-Bad-Stuff Guide

Posted on August 17, 2003 12:18 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Well, like I was planning, I got the guide for not getting hacked/scammed/cheated (and other bad stuff) today just a few minutes ago. Maybe it will help someone who is just starting but who knows? Wow... in the last two days I got lots of stuff done. That's 2 guides in 2 days. Hmmm... I wonder what will be next...


Mining Guide and World Map

Posted on August 16, 2003 12:22 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Alright, today I finished updating the mining guide with new pics of the titles (no more plain old text!) and I added a "changes" section in mining to explain about the *new* system. I also added more pictures of mining stuff and made the guide more clear in places that were difficult to understand. And finally, after a LONG time of having the old map up, its time to move on to the newer one. I got a chance to add the new map today, and a "surprise..." ok well neways... ok I have to tell you guys! This has got to be the most...complicated? thing I have ever done on this site. I made the first JAVA popup today and so far its great. Its on the map page and if you click where it says to, the key will pop up in a small screen so its there but not in the way, and now you don't have to scroll to the bottom to check and then scroll back to where you were to check what something is. Yeah that took me the entire day...


9:45 pm- Ok I just updated the Links page with new links to misc. sites like my friend's page and other stuff. Hehe. wow...

Insomniac Update:Mining Guide

Posted on August 15, 2003 07:07 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Yeah actually I am an insomniac and I can't sleep so I decided to update this site. Well I realized that the entire mining guide was completely out-of-date cuz I had no pictures of the picks or the rocks (or any info concerning that matter) so I just updated that page with a bunch of stuff on mining. If anyone noticed a page that was on the link bar... well now its gone. I have no idea what happened but I think some java coding was bad so that entire idea is gone for now. Ahhh well. Well thats about it for the last hour or 2 or something like that...


Navbar and Chat Color Codes

Posted on August 06, 2003 01:18 AM UTC by Salmoneus

OK, I've made a few updates today. For one, I've created... a masterpiece! No (j/k) i've just made a new navbar/ site ring which uses Flash (hint, hint: and I just thought it would look good on this site. I've updated the Tips page, slightly. Now it shows the 15 colors you can type in RuneScape (chat). I've also updated the page with all my stats on it. I'm also thinking about putting up a guide on not getting scammed/hacked/yadayada because I think it would help most new players (even though RuneScape has their own guide up). And people! visit the forum!!


Photos and Contact Form

Posted on August 05, 2003 03:34 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Well I just have a few updates for the day. I added some pictures to my photo album (which you can go to by clicking on the "WebsAlbum" link on the navbar), which I had hangin around on my harddrive. I also updated the "Contact Me" page to be easier to fill out a suggestion for the site (btw, it now works if you submit a link or anything else for that matter.) There is also a set... well if you submit anything directly from the site (the forms i have set up) you will see what I am talking about. Well thats about it for now.


New Logo

Posted on August 04, 2003 02:05 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Hey i've made some small updates today to the site. The logo has once again changed and now its a pick and a hammer (by now it must be clear that mining is my favourite skill, and smithing not too far behind)... enveloped in flames with a fire Rune. There's a new animation (actually the first) at the top of the site that fades in and out saying "RuneScape." Well thats more or less all that I've done but it took awhile. Oh wait I almost forgot. Well finally I added a new link to the navbar that goes to the RuneScape page, as well as the new forum.


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