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August 2007 Archives

Four Rewrites

Posted on August 23, 2007 01:45 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Another four guides have been completely rewritten and added to the site today. The Desert Treasurequest guide has had a major makeover, and now contains more helpful maps, a more detailed walkthrough, strategies for defeating the bosses, and lots of other helpful information to assist you in completing the quest. A big thanks goes to NJL72413 and Valethem for this excellent guide! The Mining Help guide has been rewritten to give a much more detailed leveling strategy, and now contains methods for both quick experience and money making. Thanks to Sayf for this great guide! The Meiyerditch city guide has been rewritten and now contains much more info about the city itself, getting around the city, along with some other interesting info. Many thanks go to Agame for this excellent guide! And lastly, the Champions' Guild guide has been rewritten to give a much better tour of the guild and its uses. Thanks toGolden Arm42 for this guide! And thanks you to everyone who helped with these great guides!


Four New Guides

Posted on August 18, 2007 01:25 AM UTC by Salmoneus

First, we have a Karamja Achievements Diary guide for you, packed with useful information, pictures, and pretty much anything you might want to know about completing the Achievement Diary. Thanks to Pezand Macki for this excellent guide! For now, you can find a link to the diary on the Mini-Games page; that is, until Jagex releases more Achievement diaries. The Rogues' Den mini-game guide has also been rewritten to be much more detailed and helpful. Many thanks to iOnYx for this great guide! The Shield of Arrav Quest guide has been rewritten as well due to major changes in the quest. Thanks to iTush andGillis for this much needed rewrite! And lastly, the Observatory Town city guide has been completely rewritten as well to cover updates to the area, and to generally be much more detailed. Thanks to Warrenfor this great guide! And naturally, thanks to everyone who helped with these great guides!


New Guides

Posted on August 13, 2007 01:35 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A few new guides have been put online today. A guide on the new Clan Chat feature in RuneScape has been added to the site, with all sorts of useful information about using the system and setting up your own chat. A big thanks goes to Desireful for writing this great guide! The West Ardougne city guide has been completely rewritten to include many updated and changed areas of the city. Thanks to Johnny for this much needed rewrite! The Cooking Help guide has received a huge makeover as well, and now includes a wider variety of methods to leveling up your cooking. Many thanks to Johnny for writing this guide! and lastly, a guide on the Kharidian Desert has also been added to the site, with some very helpful information about the desert and the major attractions found throughout it. Thanks to Golden Arm42 for this guide!

There are also Fast Quest Walkthroughs available for My Arm's Big AdventureHand in the Sand, andTroll Romance -- a very big thanks goes to Neo Avatars for these excellent "quick" walkthroughs!


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