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September 2003 Archives

Status Update #2 on Sal's Realm V2.0

Posted on September 29, 2003 12:21 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Well, i just wanted to say that the new site is going very good, and should be ready sometime very soon. i just have 2 more guides to finish... and then i have to make sure everything is working good. Then ill release the new version of the site! I know that its been a month since i started working on it... and since then there havent been any updates... but its kinda important to do this with the site. So far ive gotten all of the existing guides up except for fishing and cooking, and i still have herblaw and thieving to work on. But im sure that the site is going to be a lot better, just from the part that i have done. Be patient, it will be ready quite soon.


Status Update on Sal's Realm V2.0

Posted on September 16, 2003 12:03 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know that im alive and am still hard at work on rennovating the site. So far I have 4 guides up as well as most of the other pages (dictionary, anti scamming guide, yadayada). I also wanted to say that tomorrow is this website's b-day and itll be a year old. Yes, an entire year old. A year of updates, setbacks and fun. Yay! Woooohoooo. Well im hoping to get the new site opened up soon. I wanted to open it up for tomorrow since thats the birthday thing but its not quite ready as i still have several guides to finish, along with some other things.
 If anyone is wondering why its taking so long to finish (i announced it on... August 26th i think?) its becasue i have to basically rewrite every guide to make sure that stuff actually makes sense. Right now theres a lot of mistakes in this page (you could probabaly find a million on this page alone) and i dont really want to rush this massive update of the site. Its kinda like that 3d update for RuneScape: they want everything to be just right before releasing it. It's looking a lot better than the old one and it has a lot of better quality to it. Now lets all hope that it works...


Apologies for Lack of Updates

Posted on September 06, 2003 02:04 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Alright, I wanted to sincerely apologize for the long period of no updates. I have been working very hard lately to completely redesign this entire site with a better look. But, to do this I need some time to completely redo the existing guides and important stuff (which just so happens to take a long time). Now, instead of rushing to finish this site and have all sorts of mess-ups and junk like that, I'm taking it page by page redoing EVERYTHING. A feature I am hoping to get to very soon is printable guides. the existing guides are very difficult to print (a lot of the text is in white). so far it looks very good. Of course, the web address will still be the same:) and as always, there will still be pictures of a lot of the stuff I mention in the guides. Well, I'm going to get working and ill keep you all posted!


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