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September 2005 Archives

A Tail of Two Cats

Posted on September 27, 2005 04:20 PM UTC by Salmoneus

A guide for the new Tail of Two Cats Quest is now online, with a big thanks to Hey Hatnen for writing it so quickly! Nice work!


New City Guides

Posted on September 27, 2005 02:50 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Another 3 city guides have just been put online! A big thanks to Un_t0uch for writing the Barbarian Village guide, and to Arezek for writing a Hemenster Lakeside guide! There's also a new Etceteria guide by Kellicros. Thanks guys, these are great guides!


TzHaar Fight Pit

Posted on September 24, 2005 01:40 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A guide for the brand-new minigame in RuneScape has just been put online today. Check out the TzHaar Fight Pit guide by Cxkslei for all sorts of info about the game and the new weapons that are available!


2 More City Guides

Posted on September 21, 2005 07:15 PM UTC by Salmoneus

A city guide for Karamja has just been added to the site, with a big thanks to Dark Raide for writing it. There's also another city guide for the Mountain Camp that's been added, thanks to Cirtur. Nice work guys!


City & Wilderness Guides

Posted on September 19, 2005 01:00 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A few more guides have just been added to the site today. There's a brand-new Wilderness Survival Guideby Own Username that explains about escaping from PKers in the Wilderness. City guides for both Camelot and Canifis have also been put online. A big thanks to Sgt. Pepper and Cxkslei for their work on these guides!


New Guides

Posted on September 17, 2005 02:10 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Two more guides have been added to the site today, including the Rimmington City Guide by Christinaand the Catherby City Guide by IkOoVicK. Nice work!

There have also been a number of updates and fixes to some of the other guides on the site.


Al Kharid City Guide

Posted on September 14, 2005 12:30 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A new city guide for Al Kharid has just been put online. A big thanks to Ashish926 for writing it!


Seers' Village & Splitbark Armor

Posted on September 10, 2005 01:30 AM UTC by Salmoneus

There's a brand-new guide for Splitbark Armor, detailing all about the armor, burning shades and rebuilding the temple in Mort'ton. A big thanks to Sir_Sibannac for writing it! There's also a new Seers' Village City guide online as well, with lots of thanks to M Jordan20.


More Guides & Player Questions

Posted on September 07, 2005 01:20 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Firstly, the Player Q&As for last month have been answered, so if you've submitted a question be sure to check them out!

We also have 3 new guides on the site. There's a new Brewing guide by Drokarus detailing everything about making your own ales and such. City guides for both Port Sarim and the Lost City of Zanaris have also been put online. A big thanks to Snowzak and Jester 49 for all their work on these 2 guides!


Draynor Village Guide

Posted on September 04, 2005 12:50 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Another new city guide has been added to the site today. This time it's for Draynor Village. A big thanks toTitanTyrant for writing this guide for the site!

There's also a new poll for this month. This time it's about which amulet you wear the most in RuneScape.


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