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October 2011 Archives

Sal's Realm Pest Control Event!

Posted on October 22, 2011 03:33 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Are you up for some Pest-bashing? Sal's Realm is headed back to Pest Control this month to do just that! Join us this weekend to help protect the Void Knight, destroy the menacing Void Portals, and kill some Pests!

Event Details:

  • World: 20
  • Time: Sunday, 23 October 2011 at 7PM GMT / 8PM BST
  • Place: Pest Control
  • Requirements: 40 Combat
  • Supplies/Equipment: Combat equipment. Food and potions are helpful, but not necessary.

Of course, Pest Control is a "safe" minigame, so there's nothing to lose! We're looking forward to seeing you there!

The Sal's Realm Events Team

Meiyerditch and Waterfall Dungeon Guides!

Posted on October 20, 2011 02:00 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Two new guides have been added to the website today! First, a guide on the Meiyerditch Dungeon is up, with all sorts of useful information on what you'll find lurking in this cavern! Many thanks to Birthday for writing this guide for us! Our Waterfall Dungeon guide has also been completely rewritten by heb0, with everything you need to know before venturing into this dangerous cave, including info about safespots and the major attractions in the dungeon. Thank you, heb0, for writing this excellent guide for us!

Sal's Realm Great Orb Project Event!

Posted on October 13, 2011 05:05 AM UTC by Salmoneus

On Saturday, October 15th, Sal's Realm is hosting a Great Orb Project event! Join the Events Crew this weekend as we head to the Runecrafting Guild and compete against your fellow community members!

Event Details:

  • World: 20
  • Time: Saturday, 15 October 2011 at 7PM GMT / 8PM BST
  • Place: Great Orb Project
  • Requirements: 50 Runecrafting
  • Supplies/Equipment: Runecrafter's robes are helpful, but not required.

This minigame is available to Freeplayers, and everyone is welcome to join! We hope to see you there!

The Sal's Realm Events Team

RuneScape Teasers for Week Starting October 10th!

Posted on October 08, 2011 01:33 AM UTC by Salmoneus

As a preview for next week's RuneScape update, Jagex has sent all Platinum and Gold fansites some "teaser" images to get us ready for the upcoming update! Can you guess what these teaser pictures might be?

Teaser Image #1
Teaser Image #2

Check out our Weekly Update Teaser Images discussion topic for full-size images, a listing of past teasers, and a place to discuss what the next update might be!

Temple at Senntisten Quest Guide

Posted on October 06, 2011 02:18 AM UTC by Salmoneus

We now have a walkthrough for the Temple at Senntisten quest, with a detailed, step-by-step guide on completing it! If you're looking for help with this quest, be sure to check our guide out! A huge thank you goes to Sleepy for writing this excellent guide and sharing it with us!

Sal's is Stealing Creation!

Posted on October 01, 2011 05:42 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Join the Sal's Realm Events Team this weekend as we head back to Stealing Creation for a great time skilling, fighting, and meeting members of the community! Looking for some extra experience for a particular skill? Stealing Creation is the place to be!

Event Details:

  • World: 71
  • Time: Sunday, 02 October 2011 at 7PM GMT / 8PM BST
  • Place: Stealing Creation, located in the Gamer's Grotto north of Falador.
  • Friends Chat: Salmoneus
  • Requirements: None
  • Supplies/Equipment: None. You cannot bring any items into Stealing Creation.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Sal's Realm Events Team

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