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Christmas Event, Grand Exchange & More

Posted on December 22, 2007 03:00 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Several new guides have just been added to the site today. Firstly, a guide on the Christmas 2007 Event is up, and will definitely be useful to anyone who needs some help with this year's christmas event. A very big thanks goes to OnYx for writing this guide! We also have a guide on the Grand Exchange system, which includes details on using the system as well as buying and selling items with it. Many thanks toJohnny for writing this guide! Lastly, we have a guide on the Body of Clarence Mini-Quest -- a big thanks goes to Mrcsupertrain for this excellent guide!

From all of us here at Sal's Realm, we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! :-)


Three New Guides

Posted on November 22, 2007 02:45 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A few new guides have been added to the site today. A guide detailing the new Assist System has been put online, and should be a big help to anyone looking for information on this feature. Thanks toDesireful and Rizzo the Rat for their work on this guide! The Wizards' Guild guide has been rewritten to cover past updates and changes, and to give a much more detailed description of the guild itself. Thanks to Mrcsupertrain for this much-needed rewrite! And last but not least, the Gertrude's Cat Quest guide has been completely rewritten to include a more detailed and updated walkthrough for the quest, along with more helpful images. A big thanks to Warren for this great guide!


Land of the Goblins

Posted on November 16, 2007 04:05 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A guide on the new Land of the Goblins Quest is now online and ready for your viewing pleasure! A very big thanks goes to Simple013 for her work on writing this excellent guide, as well as to everyone who helped with it!


Halloween Event Guide & a New Poll

Posted on November 02, 2007 02:50 AM UTC by Salmoneus

The Halloween 2007 Event guide is now ready, and will surely be a great help to anyone who needs help with this year's Halloween event. A big thanks goes to Matt T for writing this great guide! We also have a new poll for this month: What was your favorite part about the 2007 Halloween Event? Thanks to Neo Avatarsfor this poll idea!

Lastly, a correction to the update from October 28 - thank you to Johnny for writing the Varrock city guide; he is a co-author of the guide, but he was missed during the announcement for the update. Sorry about that Johnny!


New Guides

Posted on October 29, 2007 12:25 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A few guides have been put online today. First, the Varrock city guide has received a much-needed makeover, and now includes much more detail on every location in the city, along with lots of helpful images to give a great view of the city itself. Many thanks go to Mrcsupertrain for writing this excellent (and massive) guide! The Ourania Cave guide has been added to the site as well, and includes all sorts of information about this unique altar and the dungeon it resides in. Thank you, Super Wii 64 for this great guide! And last but not least, the Dagannoth King Hunting guide has been rewritten and includes new information and more helpful details about fighting these creatures. Thanks to Redhairgoku for writing this guide!


Updated Guides

Posted on October 14, 2007 12:45 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A number of freshly rewritten guides have been added to the site today. The Lost City quest guide has been rewritten to be more thorough and easy to use, and even contains a method of completing the quest at level 3 (Combat, that is). A big thanks goes to Micronblast for this guide! The old RuneScape Dictionary guide has been replaced with a detailed Acronyms and Abbreviations guide by Hamtaro, which contains many more helpful words and other useful bits of information. The Character Makeover guide has also had a makeover of its own and should now be completely up to date on all of the methods of changing your character's appearance in the game. Thanks to Viagro for writing this guide! And lastly, the Vampire Slayer quest guide has been rewritten by Masterofrunescape15 to be more helpful and easier to use. Thanks to everyone who worked on these great guides!


Back to My Roots Quest

Posted on October 12, 2007 12:15 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A guide for the new Back to My Roots quest has just been added to the site today! A very big thanks goes to Neo Avatars for writing this very detailed and excellent guide, and to everyone who helped with it!


New Guides, City Guide Updates, and a Poll

Posted on October 02, 2007 02:40 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A few new guides have made their way onto the site today. Firstly, a guide on the Varrock Achievement Diary has been put online, with detailed steps on completing each part of the diary quickly. A very big thanks goes to Damaged500 for this excellent walkthrough! A Jiggig city guide has been added to the site as well, which not only includes key information on the city, but also a detailed Undead Ogre hunting guide as well. Nice work on this great guide, NJL72413! The Hitpoints skill guide has also been completely rewritten, and now includes everything you may need to know about this valuable combat skill. Many thanks to Damaged500 on this much needed rewrite! The Mining Help guide has also been updated with a very useful section on Powermining Granite -- thanks to Perry for this addition!

We also have a pretty cool feature that we're trying out with our city guides, beginning with the Freeplay guides to make them easier to use. The individual numbers on each map can be clicked on, and they will bring you to the appropriate section of the guide. So in the Lumbridge city guide for instance, clicking on the number "3" will bring you to the section on the Lumbridge Chapel! This should hopefully be very helpful in navigating city guides; particularly guides that are very long, or have many sections to read through.

The following guides have been updated with this new functionality: Al KharidBandit CampBarbarian VillageCrandor IsleDraynor ManorDraynor VillageEdgevilleFaladorGoblin VillageLumbridge,Musa Point, Port SarimVarrock Gang Hideouts.

A very big thanks goes to Neo Avatars for his dedication and hard work on this project!

And that brings us to our newest site poll: What do you think about the recent update to our freeplay city guides making the maps clickable? Don't forget to vote!


The Path of Glouphrie Quest

Posted on September 04, 2007 02:25 AM UTC by Salmoneus

A guide on the brand-new The Path of Glouphrie Quest has just been released, and is now ready for your reading enjoyment. Many thanks go to Neo Avatars for writing this excellent guide, and for getting is ready so quickly!


New & Updated Guides

Posted on September 02, 2007 01:00 AM UTC by Salmoneus

We have five new guides that have been added to the site today. A guide on the Knight Waves Training Ground Mini-Game has been released, with lots of details and helpful info on the activity in RuneScape. Many thanks to Leadersirs on this excellent guide! The Firemaking Help guide has been rewritten and is now much more detailed and contains several methods on leveling your firemaking skill. Thanks to Sayfand Cxkslei for this rewrite! Our Seers' Village guide has been rewritten to include the various updates to the area. Thanks to Baby Luigi for this great guide! The Edgeville guide has been rewritten to be a lot more detailed and updated. A big thanks to Golden Arm42 for this great guide! And lastly, the Varrock Sewerdungeon guide has been completely rewritten and has been updated to include the latest changes to the area, more detailed information, and more helpful pictures. Many thanks go to Pig for this excellent guide! And as always, thanks to everyone who helped with these guides!


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